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J1947_200210 - O.D. Coatings for Radial Lip-Type Shaft Seals

Document Number: J1947_200210
Revision Number:
O.D. Coatings for Radial Lip-Type Shaft Seals
This SAE Information Report covers thin coatings of resinous based materials that can be placed on the metallic outer diameter of radial lip-type shaft seals to provide sealing when the mating bore finish is too rough to insure a proper seal (typically when finish exceeds 2.54 ┬Ám Ra, or in pressurized applications.) The coatings will have the following characteristics: a. Material shall dry to a tough, flexible, and non-tacky film. b. Thickness typically ranges from 0.005 to 0.076 mm. c. It shall not crack, flake, or powder when scraped. d. Coating shall adhere to seal case as noted in text. e. The sealer shall not show any evidence of peeling, blistering, softening, or dissolution when tested in media to be sealed.
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