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Dummy Testing and Equipment Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J2517_201009 Hybrid III Family Chest Potentiometer Calibration Procedure Sep 28, 2010 Revised
J2706_201306 Hybrid III Six-Year-Old Child Dummy User's Manual Jun 19, 2013 Revised
J2779_201507 Low Speed Thorax Impact Test Procedure for the HIII 50th Male Dummy Jul 22, 2015 Revised
J2856_200909 User's Manual for the 50th Percentile Male Hybrid III Dummy Sep 17, 2009 Issued
J2857_201103 Hybrid III 3-Year Old Child Dummy User's Manual Mar 22, 2011 Issued
J2859_201209 Hybrid III Large Male Drawing Package (EA-32) Sep 26, 2012 Issued
J2860_201209 User's Manual for the Hybrid III Large Male Test Dummy Sep 27, 2012 Issued
J2862_201502 User's Manual for the Small Adult Female Hybrid III Test Dummy Feb 03, 2015 Issued
J2876_201505 Low Speed Knee Slider Test Procedure for the Hybrid III 50th Male Dummy May 07, 2015 Revised
J2878_201001 Low Speed Thorax Impact Test Procedure for the HIII5F Dummy Jan 13, 2010 Issued
J2915_201108 H-III5F Spine Box Update to Eliminate Noise Aug 05, 2011 Issued
J2921_201301 H-III5F Chest Jacket Harmonization Jan 22, 2013 Issued
J2949_201503 H-III50M Ankle Update to Eliminate Signal Noise Mar 03, 2015 Issued