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J2028_200511 - Front-Wheel-Drive Constant Velocity Joint Boot Seals

Document Number: J2028_200511
Revision Number:
Front-Wheel-Drive Constant Velocity Joint Boot Seals
This SAE Recommended Practice outlines the qualification testing and performance related criteria of elastomeric boot seals used in constant velocity joint applications. These applications are referred to as front- wheel-drive halfshafts or axles, but can also be utilized in rear-wheel-drive halfshaft applications. For additional information regarding CV joint systems and their applications refer to SAE AE-7 "Universal Joint and Driveshaft Design Manual." The grease type and grease quantities, clamps and clamping mechanisms of an assembly are critical and considered to be the same as OEM, service, or aftermarket designation. Although joint lubricating grease and clamping mechanism are not addressed in this document, they are critical to a total system performance. The purpose of this document is to establish a uniform practice for those in the surface vehicle industry that specify and/or manufacture CV joint boot seals (boots) for OEM or aftermarket use with respect to qualification testing for physical and mechanical properties. This document is not intended to include or address propeller shaft, Power Take Off, heavy equipment, and marine boot seal applications.
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