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Belt Drive (Automotive) Systems Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1278_201207 SI (Metric) Synchronous Belts and Pulleys Jul 05, 2012 Canceled
J1313_201208 Automotive Synchronous Belt Drives Aug 14, 2012 Canceled
J1459_200912 V-Ribbed Belts and Pulleys Dec 18, 2009 Revised
J1596_198906 Automotive V-Ribbed Belt Drives and Test Methods Jun 01, 1989 Issued
J2198_201304 Glossary - Automatic Belt Tensioner Apr 24, 2013 Revised
J2432_201503 Performance Testing of PK Section V-Ribbed Belts Mar 13, 2015 Revised
J2436_199807 Accessory Drive Tensioner Test Standards (Mechanical Rotary Type) Jul 01, 1998 Issued
J636_201211 V-Belts and Pulleys Nov 01, 2012 Revised
J637_201208 Automotive V-Belt Drives Aug 14, 2012 Stabilized