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Wheel Standards Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J175 Wheels-Impact Test Procedures-Road Vehicles Ken Archibald Apr 18, 2013
J1986 Balance Weight and Rim Flange Design Specifications, Test Procedures, and Performance Recommendations Robert H. Dall Sep 12, 2012
J2315 Wheel Nut Seat Strength Ken Archibald Apr 18, 2013
J2316 Wheel Nut Seat System Test Procedures and Performance Requirements for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks Ken Archibald May 07, 2013
J2530 Aftermarket Wheels—Passenger Cars and Light Truck—Performance Requirements and Test Procedures John R. Kinstler Apr 10, 2014
J2562 Biaxial Wheel Fatigue Test William C. Schnaidt Sep 12, 2012
J2792 Test Methodology for Evaluating the Chemical Compatibility of Wheel Finishes with Various Chemicals James Patrick Mc Keon Feb 11, 2015
J328 Wheels--Passenger Car and Light Truck Performance Requirements and Test Procedures Ken Archibald Jun 21, 2010