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J1044_201207 - World Manufacturer Identifier

Document Number: J1044_201207
Revision Number:
World Manufacturer Identifier
This SAE Recommended Practice establishes procedure for the issuance and assignment of a World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) on a uniform basis to vehicle manufacturers who may desire to incorporate it in their Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN). This recommended practice is intended to be used in conjunction with the recommendations for VIN systems described in SAE J853a, J187, J272b, J273a, J1108, and other SAE reports for VIN systems. These procedures were developed to assist in identifying the vehicle as to its point of origin. It was felt that issuance of the WMI by a single organization would avoid duplication of manufacturer identifiers and assist in the identification of vehicles by agencies such as those concerned with motor vehicle titling and registration, law enforcement, and theft recovery.
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