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AIR1558B - Interface Protective Devices - Ground Equipment to Aircraft

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Document Number: AIR1558B
Project Initiation: 01-12-2015
Project Number: None
Revision Number: B
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Interface Protective Devices - Ground Equipment to Aircraft
This Aerospace Information Report (AIR) discusses damage to aircraft caused by ground equipment contact and suggests methods of protecting against that damage.
ARP1558 was unanimously approved by AGE-2, AGE-2C, and the Aerospace Council then published on 10/06/2014. Its Rationale underlines that "This ARP supersedes former AIR1558A … in order to ensure aircraft protection against fuselage damage." The change of document status and contents was agreed because AIR1558A had become obsolete and its application would present a significant safety hazard to newer aircraft types with composite fuselages, dealt with in ARP1558 through state-of-the-art techniques. Therefore, AIR1558A is hereby cancelled and superseded by ARP1558 for safety reasons.
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