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AIR1855B - Actuation System Data Summary for Missiles and Launch Vehicles

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Document Number: AIR1855B
Project Initiation: 09-11-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Keith Wooddell
Actuation System Data Summary for Missiles and Launch Vehicles
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) includes all missile and launch vehicle actuation systems, including electrohydraulic, electropneumatic, and electromechanical types. The data for many systems are not complete. As more information becomes available, periodic updates will be issued to complete existing data sheets and to add new ones. An index by type of vehicle and by type of actuation system is included. The actual data sheets in the body of the report are organized in alphabetical order. A survey of existing designs (past and present) is a valuable aid during the concept formulation stage of a new design. This summary report on missile and launch vehicle actuation systems has been formulated to provide a data base that should be useful in the initial design stages of a new system.
This Document has been approved for update for the following reasons: a. SAE Document AIR1855A does not follow the SAE Technical Report Style Manual format/AIR Document Template recommended format. b. A Table of contents is missing. c. Displayed Weapons Systems must be reviewed for current operational status and updated as necessary.
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