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AIR1957A - Heat Sinks for Airborne Vehicles

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Document Number: AIR1957A
Project Initiation: 07-14-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
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Heat Sinks for Airborne Vehicles
This document summarizes types of heat sinks and considerations in relation to the general requirements of aircraft heat sources, and it provides information to achieve efficient utilization and management of these heat sinks. In this document, a heat sink is defined as a body or substance used for removal of the heat generated by hydrodynamic or thermodynamic processes. This document provides general data about airborne heat sources, heat sinks, and modes of heat transfer. The document also discusses approaches to control the use of heat sinks and techniques for analysis and verification of heat sink management. The heat sinks are for aircraft operating at subsonic and supersonic speeds.<p>The purpose of this document is to provide information on capabilities and limitations of heat sinks for efficient thermal management and minimal impact on the design of aircraft from subsonic through supersonic speeds.
Since the 2002 current date of this document, aerospace heat loads temperatures, magnitudes and time durations have changed significantly due to More Electric Aircraft architectures and various pulse loads. Similarly, the vehicle capability penalties and evaluation methods for the heat sinks have changed due to continued pressure for fuel burn reduction along with noise and observability reduction.
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