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AIR4174A - A Guide to Aircraft Power Train Monitoring

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Document Number: AIR4174A
Project Initiation: 04-14-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Tim Rickmeyer
A Guide to Aircraft Power Train Monitoring
The purpose of this SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is to provide management, designers, and operators with information to assist them to decide what type of power train monitoring they desire. This document is to provide assistance in optimizing system complexity, performance and cost effectiveness. This document covers all power train elements from the point at which the gas generator energy is transferred to mechanical energy for propulsion purposes. The document covers engine power train components, their interfaces, transmissions, gearboxes, hanger bearings, shafting and associated rotating accessories, propellers and rotor systems as shown in Figure 1. This document addresses application for rotorcraft, turboprop, and propfan drive trains for both commercial and military aircraft. Information is provided to assist in; a. Defining technology maturity and application risk b. Cost benefit analysis (Value analysis) c. Selection of system components d. Selection of technology e. Managing interface requirements f. Defining information flow requirements
I have been tasked by the committee to review the document with Chris Hickenbottom and determine if the document can be stablized or not. If it is not in stabilized form then we are to provide comments on areas that need updating and identify the topics for updating.
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