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AIR4652A - Design Factors - Handicapped Passenger Boarding Devices

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Document Number: AIR4652A
Project Initiation: 03-08-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Diego Alonso-Tabares
Design Factors - Handicapped Passenger Boarding Devices
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) covers handicapped passenger boarding devices used airside to transfer handicapped passengers between the terminal building and the aircraft. It provides an elevating platform to facilitate access to the aircraft; it does not cover devices for in-terminal or streetside transfers, wheelchairs for on-board aircraft or in-terminal usage, or aircraft boarding bridges. However, it should be recognized that for many handicapped passengers, a boarding chair is necessary for the lifting operation and movement to the passenger's seat inside the aircraft cabin. Such wheelchairs are widely used in larger aircraft, and the Federal Aviation Agency has developed a performance specification for a boarding chair for commuter aircraft.
Despite several attempts to revise this document since it has been issued, it has not been possible to do it as the resources and the needed expertise were not available in the AGE-2C committee. Intent of the committee for a future revision would be to merge ARP5140, ARP5141, and AIR4652 under a single revised and updated document. Therefore, until the time comes when such revision can be done, the document is put in the "Stabilized" category.
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