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AIR4938A - Composite and Bonded Structure Technician/Specialist Training Document

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Document Number: AIR4938A
Project Initiation: 04-16-2007
Project Number: AIR4938
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: David Anthony Castellar
Composite and Bonded Structure Technician/Specialist Training Document
This is a general curriculum that has been developed to identify the minimum knowledge and skill requirements of a composite and/or metal bond repair technician/specialist. This revision changes the document from an all-inclusive curriculum into a modular set of curricula. Teaching levels have been assigned to the curriculum to define the knowledge, skills and abilities graduates will need to make composite repairs. Minimum hours of instruction have been provided to ensure adequate coverage of all subject matter - lecture and laboratory. These minimums may be exceeded, and may include an increase in the total number of training hours and/or increases in the teaching levels.
This revision is to support ARP6262 Basic Composite Repair Technician Certification Standard and a new modular curriculum for composite and metalbond repair curricula.
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