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AIR5320A - Summary of Icing Simulation Test Facilities

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Document Number: AIR5320A
Project Initiation: 05-01-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Judith Foss Van Zante
Summary of Icing Simulation Test Facilities
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) contains information on most of the major icing simulation ground facilities. An effort was made to obtain data from as many facilities as possible over a two year time period. The data in this document represents the state of the facilities in calendar year 1996. Facilities are constantly changing and upgrading and, therefore, some facility specifications may change during the life of this report.<p>Of the 27 facilities described in this report, the primary use is split with approximately half for engine testing and half for wind tunnel testing. The facilities are limited to ground facilities and, therefore, icing tankers have not been included.<p>The primary purpose of this document is to document the capabilities of the world''s major icing simulation ground facilities. This report should be very useful for an organization interested in selecting a facility for a particular test. The usual information on facility test section size, speed, cloud parameters, etc. are provided for this purpose, along with a contact person at each facility. However, it is the purpose of this report to go beyond the information found in a list of facilities.
This document, when written, created a very comprehensive document listing most of the facilities capable of simulating ice accretion. Tables provide detailed information regarding facility capabilities and details of the icing cloud characterization. When written in 1999 and as updated in 2004, it was current and up-to-date. All information presented therein, to the best of the Committee’s ability, was true and accurate. Nothing in this document, recognizing that it captured facility details at the snap-shot in time, is misleading or inaccurate. Therefore, upon discussion at the Spring 2013 meeting, the Committee decided this document should be stabilized. The Committee further committed to draft a new document that would keep a list of current icing simulation facilities, but focus more on questions for a potential customer to ask regarding use of the facility. This new document is AIR6247 "Guidance for Selecting Ground-Based Icing Simulation Facilities".
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