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AIR5561 - Lithium Battery Powered Portable Electronic Devices

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Document Number: AIR5561
Project Initiation: 05-01-2008
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Michael Waller
Lithium Battery Powered Portable Electronic Devices
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is intended to cover any type of portable electronic device, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that has application in operating the aircraft. This includes devices such as laptop computers, electronic tablets, and electronic book-reading devices, used as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), and similar applications.
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is prepared to bring attention to what is considered a potential shortcoming of current standards related to the usage of lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery powered portable devices in conjunction with flight operations of business and commercial aircraft. There are well understood risks associated with the use of these commercial products, which are not currently covered by aerospace standards and regulations, and it is the opinion of this committee that potential users need interim guidance concerning the risks associated with potential li-ion battery failures in these devices.
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