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AIR5631A - Catalog of Landing Gear Systems and Suppliers

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Document Number: AIR5631A
Project Initiation: 03-25-2014
Project Number: A5-08-03
Revision Number: A
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Catalog of Landing Gear Systems and Suppliers
The purpose of this document is to provide a listing for current commercial and military aircraft landing gear systems and their types and manufacturers. Data has been provided for the following aircraft types: wide body jet airliners, narrow body jet airliners, turboprop/commuter aircraft, cargo/transport aircraft and fighter/attack aircraft. The aircraft that have been included in this document are in operational service either with airlines, business, cargo or military operators. No information is presented for aircraft that are currently being developed or that are not in extensive usage. This document will provide an informational reference for landing gear engineers to access when evaluating other gear and aircraft systems.
The initial release of the document included commercial aircraft only, with a place holder to add the military aircraft at some future date. We have updated the document now with the military data and expect to ballet shortly to fill in a few holes. Chad Hogan is Chairman and Gary Ataman is co-chairman
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