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AIR5909 - Prognostic Metrics for Engine Health Management Systems

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Document Number: AIR5909
Project Initiation: 04-04-2008
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Donald Simon
Prognostic Metrics for Engine Health Management Systems
This document applies to the verification and validation (V&V) of EHM technologies as applied to gas turbine engines and propulsion systems. Its purpose is to define leading V&V approaches and required data sets that can be applied with regard to gas turbine engine monitoring systems and explain its application and limitations. This document will also provide guidelines for specific V&V metrics applications that can be implemented in engine condition monitoring environments. It also includes some examples.
With the wide application of engine health management (EHM) technologies currently being applied within the propulsion system community, there is a need for standardized metrics that can be used by developers and end users alike for assessing the performance of specific software algorithms for detecting and predicting engine faults. The focus of this document is to introduce a variety of performance metrics that can be used for this purpose.
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