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AIR6025 - Issues Associated with Development and Implementation of Vertical Flight Aircraft

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Document Number: AIR6025
Project Initiation: 02-11-2009
Project Number:
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Sponsor Name: Robert Ryan Wilkins
Issues Associated with Development and Implementation of Vertical Flight Aircraft
The integration of vertical flight aircraft, from rotorcraft-helicopters to gyroplanes, vectored thrust and powered-lift aircraft, is becoming more crucial as airspace becomes more congested. It can reasonably be expected that vertical flight aircraft will be an integral part of the solution to airspace congestion and passenger transportation demand. Studies conducted by the FAA and industry indicate that vertical flight applications coupled with simultaneous non-interfering (SNI) IFR operations provides more than 35% increases in operations and passenger throughput at congested airfields. This document lists and explains the efforts of the SAE G10 Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology (G10 ABET) Vertical Flight (VF) Subcommittee to list, evaluate and explain the issues associated with the integration of vertical flight aircraft into the National Airspace System. It is a replacement/update document to replace ARD 50018. To further that end, this document provides a central source for the tracking of human engineering and performance issues related to the design, development and implementation of vertical flight integration solutions. It is intended that this paper be a living as well as historical report on the relevant vertical flight issues, and will be updated regularly to reflect research activities on these issues. Issues will not be removed from this report as they are resolved but rather will remain in order to document work produced and accomplished.
Convert a recently published ARD (ARD 5700) into an AIR to enable retention and future updating.
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