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AIR6036 - Passenger Hypoxia Protection Utilizing Oxygen Enriched Gas Mixtures

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Document Number: AIR6036
Project Initiation: 03-24-2009
Project Number: A-10-02-01
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: James Cannon
Passenger Hypoxia Protection Utilizing Oxygen Enriched Gas Mixtures
Currently, existing civil aviation standards address the design and certification of oxygen dispensing devices that utilize oxygen sources supplying at least 99.5% oxygen. This Aerospace Information Report discusses issues relating to the use in the passenger cabin of oxygen enriched breathing gas mixtures having an oxygen content of less than 99.5% and describes one method of showing that passenger oxygen dispensing devices provide suitable hypoxia protection when used with such mixtures.
There is increased interest within the aviation oxygen community in the possibility of using on-board oxygen concentration systems to supply oxygen-enriched breathable gas mixtures having less than 99.5% oxygen content. This Aerospace Information Report provides information that supplements standards addressing other aspects of passenger oxygen dispensing device performance, such as AS8025A.
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