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AIR6114 - Interface for Micro Munition (IMM) Handbook

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Document Number: AIR6114
Project Initiation: 04-14-2010
Project Number: N/A
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Robert M. Boman
Interface for Micro Munition (IMM) Handbook
Development of a IMM handbook that will provide information on the background on the development of the IMM standard and lessons learned from integration of the IMM interface along with guidance on design considerations and implemetnations for capability between the IMM Host and the IMM. As a handbook, it will not be able to be invoked as a requirement in a contract.
Other interface standards (i.e. MIL-STD-1760) have handbooks that provide information on the rationale and thought process for developing the interface, provide design guidance and implementation advice, provide lessons learned from other integration efforts, and provide additional information that is not appropriate for a standard interface so a similar handbook is required to make the IMM a usable interface. In addition, there have been requests by multiple users for these various pieces of information so an IMM handbook would provide these answers so that all these users along with providing general guidance to future implementers of the IMM interface.
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