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AIR6162 - Fusion Splicing for Optical Fibers

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Document Number: AIR6162
Project Initiation: 10-28-2010
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: John Mazurowski
Fusion Splicing for Optical Fibers
This Aerospace Information Report applies to scientific, engineering, and technical personnel who are interested in the applicability and use of fusion splicing for permanent optical fiber connections.
Fusion splicing is a process for making permanent connections between optical fibers. Of all methods for joining optical fibers, fusion splicing is considered to be the best for forming connections that approach the performance of a continuous optical fiber. This Aerospace Information Report can be used as a concise technical reference, and contains information which may be used for: 1) trade study, business case, and risk documents about the application of fusion splicing, or 2) technical guidance for the application of fusion splicing.
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