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AIR6189 - Calibration and Acceptance of Turbine Engine Icing Test Facilities

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Document Number: AIR6189
Project Initiation: 04-13-2011
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: James MacLeod
Calibration and Acceptance of Turbine Engine Icing Test Facilities
The purpose of this AIR is to compile in one definitive source, commonly accepted calibration and acceptance criteria and procedures for turbine engine icing test facilities. Facilities that meet these criteria will have known icing conditions simulation capability. The scope covers both sea-level and altitude engine icing facilities.
ARP 5903, ARP5904 and ARP5905 were developed to address the calibration and procedures used for icing computer codes, icing tankers, and icing wind tunnels respectively. ARP5905 clearly states that it is not applicable to engine icing test facilities. There is a need to begin the process of identifying the issues associated with engine icing facilities. At this time the industry consensus is that developing an ARP might be too difficult, so the intention is create an AIR first to identify the methods and equipment currently used.
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