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AIR6246 - Landing Gear Taxi System

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Document Number: AIR6246
Project Initiation: 04-03-2013
Project Number: A5-12-02
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Gary Ataman
Landing Gear Taxi System
This aerospace information report (AIR) will review the new landing gear taxi system technology currently being developed by various companies and descibe the basic design concepts and potential benefits and issues. This AIR will identify the associated systems that could be affected by this new technology. The document will review basic design and operational requirements, failure modes and identify system certificational requirements that may be needed to be addressed.
This Aerospace Information Report (AIR) will review the new powered landing gear taxi technology currently being developed by various companies and identify the regulations affected and safe failure modes. The report will try to identify if the existing airworthiness regulations adequately cover the new technology.
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