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AIR825D - Oxygen Equipment for Aircraft

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Document Number: AIR825D
Project Initiation: 10-18-2012
Project Number:
Revision Number: D
Sponsor Name: Arthur Cortellucci
Oxygen Equipment for Aircraft
This report provides information on the design and use of aircraft oxygen systems. It explains the physiological oxygen requirements of the human body in both a normal environment and in an hypoxic environment. It includes an overview of the continuous flow, demand and pressure demand, and liquid oxygen systems. A basic understanding of how each system operates is then specifically addressed in its own titled section. The charts, tables, and schematics provide a specific example of a theoretical oxygen system design and the calculations showing how that system would meet the regulations established by the FAR's. A comprehensive overview of the theoretical oxygen requirements of the human body at altitude is also provided. A detailed list of specifications and standards applicable to aircraft oxygen systems is included.
AIR825C is a comprehensive document covering general information on the various types of oxygen equipment and oxygen systems used on aircraft including basic system design information. These requirements and more are covered in greater individual detail by other SAE documents in an AIR825/1 through AIR825/14 document series.
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