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AMS1426D - Fluid, Deicing/Anti-Icing, Runways and Taxiways Glycol Base

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Document Number: AMS1426D
Project Initiation: 02-11-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number: D
Sponsor Name: Jacques Leroux
Fluid, Deicing/Anti-Icing, Runways and Taxiways Glycol Base
This specification covers a glycol-base deicing/anti-icing material in the form of a liquid.<p>This fluid has been used typically on airport runways and taxiways for the prevention and removal of frozen deposits of frost and ice, but usage is not limited to such applications.
SAE AMS 1426 is a specification for runway deicing fluid in liquid form formulated with a specific class of compounds, namely, glycols. AMS 1426 was introduced in 1980 and its latest version AMS 1426C was last revised in 1993. In 1995 a new specification for liquid runway deicing fluid was introduced, AMS 1435. AMS 1435 is a generic performance based specification where the runway deicing fluid can be formulated with any class of compounds that fulfills the specification requirements. When introduced, AMS 1435 was meant to replace all runway deicing fluid formulated with specific class of compounds. As of January 2014, AMS 1435 is an active specification undergoing regular updates. AMS 1435 has replaced AMS 1426. AMS 1426 is not supported, is obsolete and, therefore, must be cancelled.
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