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AMS2644F - Inspection Material, Penetrant

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Document Number: AMS2644F
Project Initiation: 03-20-2012
Project Number:
Revision Number: F
Sponsor Name: John Brausch
Inspection Material, Penetrant
This specification establishes the classification, technical requirements, tests, and test procedures for the qualification, approval, and quality verification of all materials used in the liquid penetrant methods of inspection with the exception of those excluded in the application section.
AMS2644F revises referenced standards (2.3, 4.4.15), updates tables to reflect correct reference standards used (Table 2,), revises Table 3 for reference standards used for penetrant removability testing, revises instructions about material safety data sheets (3.2.3, 4.5.1), revises requalification (3.2.6) revises safety (3.3.1),corrosivity (3.3.2), and removability (, clarifies processing parameters (,, revises exposure equipment (, specimen cleaning ( and test specimens (,, revises thermal stability of penetrant fluorescents (4.4.8) and tank life (4.4.9), revises requirements for developer bioresistance (4.4.15) and is a Five Year Review and update of this specification.
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