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AMS3338G - Silicone (PVMQ) Rubber, Extreme-Low-Temperature Resistant, 75 - 85

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Document Number: AMS3338G
Project Initiation: 05-07-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: G
Sponsor Name: Manuel Koucouthakis
Silicone (PVMQ) Rubber, Extreme-Low-Temperature Resistant, 75 - 85
This specification covers a silicone (PVMQ) rubber in the form of sheet, strip, tubing, extrusions, and molded shapes. Primarily for parts required to operate or seal from -85 to +230 degrees C (-121 to +446 degrees F), compounded especially for operation at extreme low temperatures. Silicone rubber is resistant to deterioration by weathering and by high-aniline-point petroleum-base oils and remains flexible over the temperature range noted. These products are not normally suitable for use in contact with low-aniline-point petroleum-base fluids, including fuels, due to excessive swelling.
This document has been determined to contain basic and stable technology which is not dynamic in nature.
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