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AMSC7438A - Core Material, Aluminum, for Sandwich Construction

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Document Number: AMSC7438A
Project Initiation: 09-05-2012
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Robert Hawrylo
Core Material, Aluminum, for Sandwich Construction
This specification covers treated aluminum core material for structural sandwich construction.
AMS-C-7438 and its predecessor MIL-C-7438G, Amendment 1 form the basis for all aluminum core specifications worldwide. These specifications are included by reference in most aluminum core specifications, and mechanical properties are consistent throughout the industry. Revision A of AMS-C-7438 removes requirements which are deemed no longer relevant or necessary, and improves clarity of requirements which remain relevant to the industry. Grade C core materials (Alloy 2024-T81) have been removed because 2024 foil is considered unavailable for the forseeable future.
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