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AMSS4383B - Sealing Compound, Topcoat, Fuel Tank Buna-N Type

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Document Number: AMSS4383B
Project Initiation: 01-14-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Diane Kleinschmidt
Sealing Compound, Topcoat, Fuel Tank Buna-N Type
<p>This specification covers one type of one-component, air drying protective coating which cures at room temperature. The topcoat compound covered by this specification shall be formulated from butadiene acrylonitrile copolymer and shall be colored red by the use of an oil soluble dye.</p>
<p>AMS-S-4383 Rev B incorporates changes to film thickness, non-volatile content (NVC), viscosity, and color leaching requirements (based on requirement for use of oil-soluble dye). These minor changes are based on input from all qualified product manufacturers and do not change the form, fit, or function of the sealant as currently employed. Widening the NVC envelope was formally approved when the specification was MIL-S-4383 but the change was never incorporated. Allowance for use of alternative dry film thickness measurement equipment has also been included. As one-component material, batch and lot are the same so Acceptance Tests are run only once consistent with other one-component sealant specifications.</p>
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