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ARP1176A - Oxygen System and Component Cleaning

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Document Number: ARP1176A
Project Initiation: 01-15-2007
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Burt Parry
Oxygen System and Component Cleaning
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides recommended practices for cleaning aircraft oxygen equipment such as tubing, pieces, parts (including regulator and valve parts), cylinders and ground-based equipment that may be used to support aircraft oxygen systems. This revision introduces a cleanliness coding scheme that can be referenced as a requirement, and/or referenced to identify compliance to meeting such a requirement. These methods may apply to gaseous and liquid oxygen equipment. This document specifies work area details, methods to select suitable cleaning agents, cleaning methods, test methods to verify cleanliness level, and methods of packaging the components and parts after cleaning. Technicians designated to clean oxygen equipment must be qualified and trained to clean oxygen equipment. This ARP is applicable to metallic and non-metallic parts.
This document has been revised to reflect current industry recommended practices regarding component and oxygen system cleaning and to establish a cleanliness coding scheme and marking requirement stating the cleanliness level of oxygen cleaned parts or components contained within the sealed package. The SAE A-10 committee has removed the packaging practices from ARP1176 and created AIR5742, which provides information regarding recommended practices for packaging and transit of aircraft oxygen equipment.
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