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ARP1538C - Arresting Hook Installation, Land-Based Aircraft

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Document Number: ARP1538C
Project Initiation: 05-07-2009
Project Number:
Revision Number: C
Sponsor Name: Eugene J. Stuczynski
Arresting Hook Installation, Land-Based Aircraft
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) covers the recommended criteria and performance requirements for the design and installation of land-based aircraft emergency and operational arresting hooks for use on runway arresting systems. Design criteria for fully operational hooks and for carrier-based aircraft hook installations are contained in specification MIL-A-18717.
The information contained in this document is now presented in RPP 1311C - Landing Gear Structures and Mechanisms. It has been agreed upon by the committee that the document should be cancelled. As such the document will be balloted for cancellation
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