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ARP4163A - Balancing Machines: Tooling Design Criteria

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Document Number: ARP4163A
Project Initiation: 07-19-2011
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: George Allen
Balancing Machines: Tooling Design Criteria
This document establishes general design criteria, tolerances, and limits of application for tooling, fixtures and accessories for mounting and driving gas turbine engine rotors on horizontal and vertical balancing machines.<p>For your own safety, while using balancing tooling, regard the safety instructions of the individual supplier.<p>The purpose of this document is to provide a set of tooling and fixture design parameters for balancing machine tooling that will facilitate the understanding of the high degree of readout accuracy and precision balance required for turbine engine rotors, and will assist in achieving compliance with the testing requirements as listed in applicable ARP specifications for balancing.
The commitee will be reviewing the document to update repeatibilty requirements by tooling type and better defining the process to validate balancing toolng.
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