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ARP5120 - Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Health Management System Development and Integration Guide

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Document Number: ARP5120
Project Initiation: 02-21-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Tim Rickmeyer
Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine Health Management System Development and Integration Guide
SAE ARP 5120 provides recommended best practices, procedures, and technology to guide the physical and functional development, integration, verification, and validation of highly reliable Engine Health Management System (EHMS) for gas turbine engines, including aircraft engines and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs). This ARP also serves as a concise reference of considerations, approaches, activities, and requirements for producing the end-to-end engine health monitoring system comprised of both on and off-board subsystems for the sensing, acquisition, analysis, detection, and data handling functions of an EHMS. These functions and related maintenance activities promote engine safety. These functions may also be used to effect continued operation or return to service decisions when demonstrated as compliant with the applicable airworthiness requirements defined by the responsible Aviation Authority. Where practical, this document delineates between military and commercial practices.
The aviation industry uses Propulsion System Health Management technologies to improve aircraft reliability, availability and maintainability. The requirement for increased capability can be met by sophisticated end-to-end health management systems that optimize the functionality of both onboard and off-board features. This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides guidance on how to develop and implement an integrated end-to-end health management system for aviation propulsion applications. SAE ARP 5120 consolidates SAE Aerospace Information Reports (AIR) 1873, 4061B, 4175A, and 5120 into one document per the direction of the SAE E32 committee.
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