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ARP5740 - Cockpit Display of Data Linked Weather Information

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Document Number: ARP5740
Project Initiation: 08-22-2007
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: William Nelson
Cockpit Display of Data Linked Weather Information
<p>This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) addresses the information content for the electronic presentation of data linked weather Meteorological (MET) information used in the cockpit. It defines guidelines for the electronic presentation of MET information (including text, graphics, textures, icons, and symbology) to the flight crew. </p> <p>This ARP is applicable to certified equipment for the electronic display (whether installed or portable) of MET information in the cockpit. This ARP also provides a set of symbols that illustrate the depiction of data linked MET information on flight deck display systems such as Navigation Displays, Multi-function Displays, and Electronic Flight Bags. These recommendations complement standard symbology guidelines for airborne applications already in existence (see reference section for applicable documents).</p>
Weather data, information, and products are widely available today to the public as well as to the aviation community. Weather information has been provided to the cockpits of General Aviation (GA) users for several years and is now being introduced into the cockpit of commercial aircraft. Guidelines for the standardization of this information are needed to ensure the appropriate display of weather information in the cockpit to adequately address issues of workload, meteorological situation awareness, training, and information management.
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