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ARP5759 - Acoustical Considerations for Engine Test Cells

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Document Number: ARP5759
Project Initiation: 05-18-2006
Project Number:
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Sponsor Name: Edgar Castro
Acoustical Considerations for Engine Test Cells
This document discusses, in broad and general terms, the subject of acoustical considerations in engine test cells. One of the primary purposes of an engine test cell is to control the noise emanating from the operating engine in order to reduce noise in the surrounding facility and community to acceptable levels. This is done by the design and installation of specialized acoustic elements and features, which need to be fully integrated into the overall test cell design. It should be further noted, that the requirements of acoustic control are critical to the proper operation of the engine, safety of plant equipment and personnel, and meeting local and legal noise requirements.
One of the primary purposes of engine test cells is reduce the sound emissions from the operating engine to the outside facility or community. The successful reduction and control of this noise requires specialized knowledge, experience, and execution. This paper explores the definitions, requirements, basic science, and recommendations for a test cell operator to select and evaluate qualified solutions and contractors for test cell noise reduction.
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