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ARP577E - Emergency Placarding - Internal and External

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Document Number: ARP577E
Project Initiation: 05-07-2009
Project Number:
Revision Number: E
Sponsor Name: Holger Warner
Emergency Placarding - Internal and External
This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) provides criteria for the development and standardization of placards containing easily understood signs, symbols and/or instructions for locating and operating exits and emergency equipment which might be used or operated by cabin occupants and rescue personnel under emergency conditions. In addition, this ARP gives guidance in the selection and development of warning labels. The placards are intended to be seen and understood by occupants within and, in the case of external exit placards, by persons outside the airplane.<p>The purpose of this ARP is to assist manufacturers as well as commercial, corporate and private operators to produce standardized emergency placarding.
This ARP needs to be updated to include comprehension testing of placard information, addition of definitions, and improved format.
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