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ARP594E - Fuel Pump Thermal Safety Design

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Document Number: ARP594E
Project Initiation: 04-28-2015
Project Number: ARP 594, Rev.E
Revision Number: E
Sponsor Name: William Bruce Heilman
Fuel Pump Thermal Safety Design
These recommendations cover only those design factors which might cause the pump motor or pump housing to act as an autogenous or spark-ignition source for explosive fuel vapors within the airplane tank. This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) recommends fuel booster pump design requirements commensurate with the presently known state-of-the-art, relating to the prevention of autogenous ignition of explosive fuel vapors and the confinement of autogenous or spark-initiated flames by means of flame-suppressing devices.
Revision E of this document is a complete rewrite of the previous version. It expands the scope to cover requirements contained in FAR 25.981 for fuel pump safety, focusing on auto ignition prevention. Otherwise, the content of the document has been updated to match current technology levels for thermal devices and pumping systems.
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