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ARP6154 - EHM General Specifications

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Document Number: ARP6154
Project Initiation: 08-23-2010
Project Number: A6B2-03-3
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Jerome Socheleau
EHM General Specifications
The EHM specification document will present general design, performance, and test requirements for ElectroHydrostatic Modules (EHM) used in EHA for aerospace or similar applications.
An Electrohydrostatic Module (EHM) is a key component of an Electrohydrostatic Actuator (EHA) or an EBHA (Electric Backup Hydraulic Actuator), comparable to an Electro Hydraulic Servoalve (EHSV) or a Direct Drive Valve (DDV) of a hydraulic servoactuator, and requires specific design, performance and test considerations to be addressed in its development and application. This ARP discusses these and the related specification aspects of EHMs.
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