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ARP6184 - Military Wheels and Electrically Actuated Brakes

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Document Number: ARP6184
Project Initiation: 03-22-2011
Project Number: A-5A 10-02
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Steven R. McCrillis
Military Wheels and Electrically Actuated Brakes
To develop a new ARP document for military wheel and E-brake applications
A panel was previously opened to update ARP 1493C: Military Wheels and Brakes. However the panel was closed after it was reported that MIL-W-5013L would be reinstated and this new panel formed to develop a new document for Military Electrically Actuated Brakes. An initial panel meeting was held to agree upon a charter an approach. The panel attendees agreed that this should be an ARP document to address both wheels and electrically actuated brakes for military applications, similar to ARP 1493B.
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