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ARP6225 - Aircraft Tire Inspection - In-Service Removal Criteria

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Document Number: ARP6225
Project Initiation: 08-16-2012
Project Number: A5C-11-1
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Marion A. DeWitt
Aircraft Tire Inspection - In-Service Removal Criteria
This document is for establishing tire removal criteria of on-wing civil aircraft tires only. This document is primarily intended for use with commercial aircraft but may be used on other categories of civil aircraft as applicable. The criteria are harmonized with the Care and Service Manuals of the tire manufacturers for both radial and bias tires.
On the same aircraft it is possible to find tires from different manufacturers. Since each tire manufacturer may have different removal criteria for a specific condition, this ARP harmonizes this data and presents common criteria related to the tire size and type. This is a compilation of data extracted from tire manufacturers’ Care and Service Manuals and also from in-service experience.
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