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ARP6257 - Flight and Ground Crew Aircraft De/Anti-icing Phraseology

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Document Number: ARP6257
Project Initiation: 10-30-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: David Thornton
Flight and Ground Crew Aircraft De/Anti-icing Phraseology
This document contains guidelines for establishing clear concise standardized communication and phraseology between aircraft Flight and Ground crews during aircraft deicing operations. It is very important that both parties communicate fully about contact requirements, aircraft configuration, de/anti-icing treatment needed and post deicing reporting requirements
Aircraft deicing operations traditionally occurred at the passenger gate or cargo ramp. While this is still predominantly the case, many airports are maximizing aircraft parking space efficiency, or have local environmental requirements, that necessitate the use of remote or centralized deicing locations. Deicing services at these locations may be provided by a single airline or third party specialist company, resulting in cross company procedures being implemented for site safety or efficiency purposes. Standardized aircraft deicing communication protocols including phraseology are needed to ensure that important safety, quality and efficiency information exchange occurs between the participating Flight and Ground crews.
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