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ARP6390 - Crew and Passenger Oxygen Masks Convenient Locations

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Document Number: ARP6390
Project Initiation: 08-29-2011
Project Number: A-10-21
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Hisham A. Farajallah
Crew and Passenger Oxygen Masks Convenient Locations
This document defines the accessibility requirements which should be considered in the placement of oxygen masks for presentation to the user and the connections for such oxygen masks to the operational oxygen systems. This document is of interest when designing the interior of the aircraft, placing the seats in relationship to such outlets and mask connections, or placing oxygen mask outlets in relationship to the seats. This document will recommend general concepts for the location of the oxygen masks and oxygen system outlets for proper accessibility by the aircraft occupants, whether cabin occupants or crew members.
This new ARP document is needed to support interior aircraft certification. Different airlines, aircraft modification centers and facilities, OEM’s as well as many different regulatory authorities can utilize this document to support interior certification activities. It will take into account the new aircraft layouts and updated anthropometrical data so reasonable and acceptable concepts can be addressed and suggested which could help to ensure all regulations are met.
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