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ARP6420 - Flow Descriptors for Characterization of Turbine Engine Inlet Distortion

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Document Number: ARP6420
Project Initiation: 08-04-2011
Project Number: 6420
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Kyle Whitcomb
Flow Descriptors for Characterization of Turbine Engine Inlet Distortion
The turbine-engine inlet flow distortion descriptors summarized in this document apply to the effects of inlet total-pressure, planar wave, total-temperature, and swirl distortion. Guidelines on stability margin, destabilizing phenomena, types and purposes of inlet data, AIP definition, and data acquisition and handling are summarized.
The SAE S-16 Turbine Engine Inlet Flow Distortion Committee has developed an Aerospace Recommended Practice and Aerospace Information Reports describing methodologies, measurement stations and techniques, and descriptors for different types of inlet distortion (total pressure, planar wave, total temperature, and swirl). There has been broad acceptance of these descriptors by the industry. The Committee believes that these descriptors should be collected into one ARP for use by industry. This document provides a single source that contains the recommended definitions.
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