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ARP9136 - Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving

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Document Number: ARP9136
Project Initiation: 11-17-2008
Project Number: 64
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Bill Schmiege
Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving
Objective: Propose methodology to improve the way escapes and problems are managed (including communication between all actors - engineering, MRB, supplier, customer, etc...) to reduce their impacts, contain them as far upstream as possible and prevent recurrence (ensure right measures are taken at the right location and right time).
Rational of the Objective: Objective of continuous improvement is to reduce number of issues ( undesirable conditions, defects and failures failures) but ) also to minimize their impact on quality quality, , delivery performance and costs costs. – Several big issues are originated by small problems that were discovered but with incorrect analysis and/or reaction when iden identified. – Major companies have their own structured system, but small companies have not. – A comparison between these various processes and evaluation of commonalities/particularities has never been done. •Study should include how to improve communication of information between all stakeholders (engineering, MRB, supplier, customer, etc...) when a problem arises to ensure right measures are taken at right location and right time Reason • Our suppliers (and even sometimes our organisation) do not deliver correct Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving results • This is because: – We have not set criteria about what makes an acceptable corrective action plan (we are satisfied when we don’t receive any more defective parts and stop here) – We continue to accept bad answers (even if say we will not, reality of life makes us accepting ) – People (internal and external) do not have the Root Cause Analysis culture, do not know any process or do not have the proper skill skill-sets • Cultural change required to overcome the situation
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