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AS13001 - Supplier Self Release Training Requirements

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Document Number: AS13001
Project Initiation: 08-06-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Earl J. Capozzi
Supplier Self Release Training Requirements
The standard applies to aero engine suppliers operating a self-release process as a delegated activity from the delegating organization. While primarily developed around the aero engine supply chain requirements, this standard can also be used in other industry sectors where a self-release process may be of benefit.
Many OEMs within the aerospace industry operate a self-release process whereby a supplier is able to ship products to the delegating organization without additional oversight by a representative of that organization. Currently each OEM manages their own training program for the individuals who conduct the self-release overcheck, and hence suppliers must manage the multiple training needs of its customer base. The training content for self-release is largely the same, and hence an opportunity exists to consolidate the various programs into a single, common training standard.
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