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AS13002 - Requirements for Developing and Qualifying Alternate Inspection Frequency Plans

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Document Number: AS13002
Project Initiation: 02-14-2014
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: David Goldberg
Requirements for Developing and Qualifying Alternate Inspection Frequency Plans
This document covers the process to be applied to design characteristics (as defined in AS9102), parts or inspection processes as defined by the purchaser. Design characteristics not included within the scope include electronic, electromechanical or mechanical systems where alternative means of acceptance are approved such as through acceptance test procedures (ATPs). This document does not define processes for identifying or communicating the classification of the parts or design characteristics.<P> This document does not define the procedure to qualify a supplier to undertake these requirements. It is expected that each purchaser will have a procedure to manage the flow-down of these requirements.<P> This document applies to suppliers that demonstrate adequate proficiency in applicable process control methods as determined by the purchaser.<P>
Aero-engine companies currently have their own requirements for Inspection Frequency which are very similar. A single standard would be more efficient for suppliers. The following standard is a consolidation of these methods to allow for a singular standard for Developing Inspection plans other than 100% inspection of all features.
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