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AS1677D - General Requirements for Noncertified Cargo/Baggage Containers

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Document Number: AS1677D
Project Initiation: 03-19-2008
Project Number:
Revision Number: D
Sponsor Name: Frode Eriksen
General Requirements for Noncertified Cargo/Baggage Containers
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) covers the design, fabrication, performance and operational testing requirements for lower deck containers for use in main line aircraft which do not require airworthiness certification when loaded under the conditions of compartment restraint and in accordance with the aircraft's Weight and Balance Manual and/or, where applicable according to the aircraft type's approved Weight and Balance Manual, AS36100A or NAS 3610 equivalent base plate restraint for these containers. Most sizes of containers covered by this document (base sizes K, L, P, and Q) cannot physically be loaded and latched on aircraft main deck cargo systems. Base size A and M containers can, but are not allowed on aircraft main decks, which do not accept non-certified units. Accordingly, all containers covered by this document are to be used/installed exclusively in aircraft lower deck compartments. IATA 50/0, “ULD General technical requirements”, should also be taken into account when designing and making equipment.
AS1677D has been revised from AS1677C in both format and wording to be harmonized with ISO 4118, reference to AS36100A in addition to NAS3610 has been added. Figure 1 has been updated to reflect latest technical changes as defined in IATA Technical Manual, all Appendix drawings have been updated to correspond with IATA Technical Manual forklift openings and AS36100A base dimensions and tolerances. Forklift option was added to Appendix I (DAF) and J (DMF), Appendix M (DAP) and Appendix N (DMP) were added. Sections 6, 7, 8, clarification of Scope, and IATA ULD Code definition have been added.
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