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AS23053 - Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Heat Shrinkable, General Specification For

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Document Number: AS23053
Project Initiation: 03-17-2014
Project Number: AS23053
Revision Number:
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Insulation Sleeving, Electrical, Heat Shrinkable, General Specification For
This specification establishes the requirements for various types and colors of electrical insulating sleeving that will shrink to a predetermined size upon the application of heat. This specification includes provisions for demonstrating compliance with qualification by certification requirements (see 4. and 7.6), in process inspection, and statistical process control inspections (See 4.4). The continuous operating temperature ratings range from -112 °F to +482 °F (-80 °C to +250 °C). The continuous operating temperature range for each sleeving class is given in the applicable detail specification.
This is a conversion of AMS-DTL-23053 into an AS document which includes Qualification by Certification. This also includes revisions due to comments received by the government and industry, updated references, alignment of the specification with SAE guidelines and review of the specification for known technical problems. The timeline for the initial Qualification by Certification will be that the initial QPL will be released 6 months after the specification is dated and enforcement of the QPL will begin 13 months after the specification is dated. The AS23053 detail specifications mentioned herein will be balloted separately within the next few months.
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