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AS39029D - Contacts, Electrical Connector, General Specification For

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Document Number: AS39029D
Project Initiation: 04-22-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: D
Sponsor Name: Michael Peppas
Contacts, Electrical Connector, General Specification For
This specification covers the general requirements for removable crimp, solderless wrap, and solder type electrical contacts for use in connectors and other electric and electronic components (see 6.1). These contacts shall be capable of operating within the temperature range as specified (see 3.1).
Revision is required to include new detail sheets, include cancelled detail sheets for historical information, to add minimum gold requirement inside the crimp barrel, to clarify the axial concentricity test method for hex crimps, to update wire barrel sizes in Table 3, to correct test pin error in Table 9 and add humidity,temperature cycling and thermal shock to the conditioning tests (footnote), to correct sample numbers in Table 11, to correct footnotes and sample numbers in Table 12 and to update the specification appendix.
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