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AS4266 - Hole Contour, Fluid Passage, Tube Fitting

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Document Number: AS4266
Project Initiation: 08-10-2005
Project Number: G300-05
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Mark Paul
Hole Contour, Fluid Passage, Tube Fitting
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) provides required contours and limits of size of the surfaces of the internal fluid passages of tube fittings for the portions that are not already defined by the fitting end design standard drawings.
The previous version of this document, ARP4266, was intended to be a requirements document, but, since it was published as an ARP document, the contents are not mandatory, only recommended. Change to an SAE Aerospace Standard will make the specified contents mandatory. Additionally, several of the figures are being revised to show the delineation requirements for drilled passages that are produced with traditional conical end drills.
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