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AS452B - Oxygen Mask Assembly, Demand and Pressure Breathing, Crew

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Document Number: AS452B
Project Initiation: 11-18-2013
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Robert P. Garner
Oxygen Mask Assembly, Demand and Pressure Breathing, Crew
The purpose of this standard is to establish optimum standards for crew demand and pressure-breathing oxygen mask assemblies for use by crew members in civil aircraft. This standard covers both general type and quick-donning type mask assemblies in the following classes: a. Class A, oronasal, demand b. Class B, oronasal, pressure-demand c. Class C, full face, demand d. Class D, full face, pressure-demand
The A-10 Committee concluded that the content of this document will not be updated in the future. Other Aerospace Standards have replaced the requirements cited in this document. Therefore, the Committee decided to stabilize this document in its current state.
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